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The founder, Mariam Hussein, is a distinguished and self-made woman. She is a well-known celebrity actress & singer that has spread her wings and influence across the Arab World as a whole and it is only the beginning.
Growing up, Mariam did not have the easiest life. She had to live most of her childhood away from her mother, who she reconnected with years later. There were a lot of times where she had no one to fend for her when she needed the most protection, but she never gave up on herself. She found that a woman needs to hold herself before expecting anyone to hold her, and she acted upon that. She birthed and raised her daughter, Amira, on her own, away from hate & misogyny, which she considers as her biggest success. She strived to become her own primary caretaker and to make her own decisions.
Her success and motivation stems from her belief in herself and her skills. She took any obstacles in her way and turned them into a thriving challenge to become the best version she can be. She used her fame to pave the way for women and girls to find their voice. She believes in the goodness of people.
Mariam began her artistic career in her teenage years, right after finishing high school, which made her subject to a lot of obstructions from people around her. Nevertheless, she chose not to listen and to pursue her studies in acting and was cast by the New York Film Academy in Abu Dhabi for her role as an amateur actress with a lead role on Abu Dhabi TV. Her career then shifted to Kuwait, the Hollywood of the Gulf, and began her acting journey there as a lead actress in a series along with the Master of Gulf TV, Ms. Hayat Al-Fahd, which was aired on MBC in Ramadan. Her noteworthy participation in “Al-Jeeran” series has opened the door for her further acting career successes. After her swift rise to fame and the wide support she received from people, she then starred in the series “The Maid”, which widely launched her fame across the Arab region after being aired 9 times across 4 years on MBC Drama and MBC 1. Her last TV acting project was the series “Dirham”. Not to mention her participation in several plays, the most known of which was “Al-Tartangi” and was named one of the most prominent & dedicated Arab actresses by the great Mr. Tarek Al-Ali. Mariam was awarded “The Best Promising Actress” award from the First Jordan Festival for Arab Media for her role in the series “Eid Night”, and “The Best Gulf Actress” award from the Distinguished Festival in Ramadan in Kuwait for her role in the series “Darb Al-Wafa”.
Moreover, belonging to several parts of the Arab world, Mariam had the delightful experience of singing the song “Men Shafata” in the Gulf dialect, and her recent song “Liya Wahdi” in the Moroccan dialect. She also presented television programs, one of them being the competition program “Kol Youm Maryum”, and a show for Fawazeer Ramadan for a period of 2 years. Through her clear vision and her defined goals, Mariam has become an example and an inspiration for Arab women to dream big, dare, and take action, for their hard work will surely pay off. No matter the outcome, you owe it to yourself and the world around you to Just Believe and keep trying over and over again.

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